Adidas Spec Commercial "Battlefield" featuring Que. Directed by Johnny Otto

Blurry Blokes NFT Collectibles coming in 2022!

May 2021 marks the launch of Johnny Otto's Art Squat Magazine with the help of fellow Writers Julia Annabel Siedenburg and Laura Siebold. It features both local and international Artists from a wide range of disciplines. Art Squat is quartlery with the next issue arriving in August 2021.

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Johnny Otto wrote on Episodes 2 and 4 of the new Netflix Series, "Human, The World Within".


BIRDBIES and LSD GUMMY BEARS join forces to creat a one-of-a-kind NFT.


Johnny Otto, Los Angeles Studio, Self Portrait

Johnny Otto's painting "Za Videni" raises money for Project Angel Food. The last time Otto auctioned a painting for Project Angel Food was in the early 90's when David Hockney was the MC.

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New NFT Collection on Opensea. Johnny Otto's art gets the NFT treatment.

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Out Draw Entertainment has developed six amazing titles in Adult Animation, Kids/Tweens and Family.

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Johnny Otto Photography Celebrates 30 years of business in Los Angeles.

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