Johnny Otto has the soul of a 50's musical icon reborn as a modern singer/songwriter. His art is stripping music to its barest essentials: a few chords, simple but powerful lyrics, and a whimsical, haunting voice. He draws his inspiration from all styles of music including JOHN LENNON, THE VIOLENT FEMMES, ROY ORBISON, LOU REED, THE SHINS, IGGY POP AND DAVID BOWIE.

GHOST IN MY LIFE is a collection of nine songs written over the period of approximately four years. Every song was written, performed and recorded by Johnny in his home studio, BIONIC MUSIC LAB, which he built specifically to produce his own material and material of friends who he admires.


"Seems to me to be sort of like a late night/early morning confession session, twangy and intimate, this reminds me of the great observant bespectacled singers of the pantheon...Marshall Crenshaw, Jarvis this warm and romantic in times this cold might be the mark of a true pervert....strum on...."
- Michael Morrison


Johnny Otto is also a composer for TV & FILM and other digital content. His work has been compared to Ben Salisbury and Geoff Burrow, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno and other experimental Musical Artists.

Johnny Otto's instrument of choice is a synthesizer. "It allows me to craft sounds that have never been heard before!"